Sustainable Australian label Nico wants to dress you like your grandma on a holiday

Images by Jemimah di Natale

Words by Georgie Kibel

Gimme, gimme, gimme organic cotton leisurewear.

To be a woman wearing organic cotton clothes, dyed by flowers and inspired by the ’70s may sound like a Fleetwood Mac fever dream, but Australian label Nico has brought it to life in its Gemini collection.

Nico is best known for its luxury intimates, only beginning its venture into leisurewear last June. The newest collection incorporates pieces which, unlike its first release, are more suitable for summer and spring. 

“During the design process we were looking at silhouettes our mothers or grandmothers might have worn on holidays. But as with all of our work, turning that into something highly functional and really comfortable,” Nico’s founder Lis Harvey says.

The Gemini collection can be worn top to bottom as Nico has designed retro briefs, summer dresses, boxy tees, high waisted culottes, and even floppy hats for people who are aiming to emulate the effortlessly luxurious look that the brand is known for. 

Nico’s signature breezy designs are carefully balanced with hints of nostalgia through earthy tones and billowing shapes reminiscent of the boho-chic style that defined the ’70s era. The overall effect is a look that channels your inner Abba while still appearing elegant and considered. 

Tacoma and clitoria flowers, annatto seeds, turmeric and sea shell lime were all used to dye the garments and give them their whimsical coral and golden colouring. This is a process entirely free of chemicals, meaning that there is no water pollution harming marine life or our oceans. 

If you are keen to dress like your grandma on a holiday, keep an eye out for Geminis release on October 1


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