Skechers’ ‘Uno’ collection is reinventing early 2000s styles for a new generation


Making comfort cool again.

As the fashion industry inches closer towards a circular model, most of us are thinking a little harder about what our purchases mean. This doesn’t always mean the most sustainable choice (we’re only human), but it does mean picking the pieces that mean something to your wardrobe; honing in on the less-glamorous but all-important element of functionality and that ‘buy better, wear longer’ mindset.

I get it – as a young Tavi Gevinson and Teen Vogue enthusiast, my purchase decisions (while regrettable) rested on the likelihood of a prominent photographer insisting on taking a street style snap of my outfit (I lived in semi-rural Queensland, so the likelihood of this happening is laughable). 

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We’re talking about the most outrageous, colourful and ‘fashion forward’ – i.e. trendy – pieces I could find. They were always worn once before falling apart, often itchy and lasted a season (or less) in my wardrobe. 

A pinnacle example of this is my clear plastic sneakers. Yes, you read that right. My grandma took an adolescent me to the biggest teen shoe store in Texas and said I could pick out one pair of whatever I want. Naturally, I chose a pair that gave me blisters, made my feet hyper-sweaty and I’d grow to hate within two months of purchasing them. 

As she facilitated another one of my rite of passage wardrobe mistakes, my grandma, an incredibly stylish and sophisticated woman, wore the same style of sneakers she had been repurchasing in different colours since her early twenties. They were (and still are) timeless, practical and versatile – much like Skechers’ new sneaker, the Uno

With its smooth leather-textured upper, multiple colourways and modern, understated logos, the Skechers Street Uno is your new repurchase-worthy wardrobe staple – and thankfully for your feet, this is a blister-free zone. As I said, the key to finding an item you’ll actually wear all the time is practicality. It doesn’t sound cute, but it can be. Proof? The rose gold variation of the Uno, obviously. 

When I think Skechers, I think comfort (the beloved ’90s-esque D’lites are like walking on air). Available for women, men and kids, the Skechers Uno is no exception. Utilising the signature Skechers ‘comfort technology’, the Uno is cushioned with air-cooled memory foam, features shock-absorbing heel pad technology and has moisture-wicking capabilities (goodbye, plastic shoe sweat). For my fellow five-feet-and-under squad, there’s also an inch of hidden internal heel height! I won’t tell if you don’t.

To further prove my wardrobe classics theory, I’ve created a metaphor (I’m a writer, okay?). If my adolescent sartorial peacocking taught me anything, it’s that we must respect our wardrobe elders (a timeless blazer, a well-fitting pair of jeans, a soft white tee) before introducing the newbies (cutouts, crisscrossed denim and oversized collars). No buts – this applies to shoes, too. 

So take stock of your footwear, donate what you don’t wear and introduce a pair of sneakers you can rely on. Instead of the electric blue knee-high boots I’ve had my eye on – I guess the peacock tendencies aren’t completely gone – I’m opting for the navy blue Unos, which I plan to wear with boyfriend jeans and my beloved chunky knit. 

I’ll leave you with some parting wisdom: as my grandma would say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and clear plastic sneakers are never, ever a good idea.

Browse the entire Skechers collection here.

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