Packing for a weekend in the snow, an expert’s guide



Snow styling.

Growing up on the coast, the snow was a magical place only seen on the highly-anticipated year six Canberra/Thredbo excursion. My friends and I lived in bikinis and thongs and looked on in awe at the fashion emerging from the cooler climates. 

Big coats, cosy beanies and leather boots were a novelty in the town where we’d put on knitted jumpers at 20 degrees celsius. But (with restrictions permitting) this winter my friends and I are planning on hitting the slopes and I have no idea where to start with an après ski wardrobe

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As a snow newbie, I thought I’d call in the big guns to get some advice on how to pack for a weekend in the mountains. Jesse James is a New Zealand photographer, tradie, winter sports style expert and one of the faces of the new Superdry new season Snow campaign. The talented sportsman gave me his top tips for an action-packed, hot chocolate-filled snow trip.

Tell our readers a little about yourself.

I’m a tradie in New Zealand but have a passion for extreme sports like snowboarding, skydiving and surfing. I used to compete at wakeboarding a long time ago. I’ve done a few snow seasons in Japan as well. 

What makes you an expert on packing for the snow?

I’ve been snowboarding since I could walk while on skiing trips with Mum and Dad. As I got older and could drive I’d start doing my own trips. I’ve never competed but it’s a real passion of mine. I do a bit of photography and videography as well and that’s where it’s all tied together. 

What are the essential items we should be bringing with us on a weekend in the snow?

You need to have warm socks, jackets, pants, goggles and beanies. And Superdry has these really cool snoods [built into the jackets] which are like a scarf that come up around your face, they’re fantastic. When it’s calm down below and you get up on the chair lift and it’s blowing a gale, it’s really nice to be cosy and warm. 

What should we be looking for from our snow gear? 

For me, bright colours are such a massive thing. I’ve been snowboarding since I can remember and whenever someone in your group is in bright clothes it’s really easy to spot them so I’m a big fan of the popping colours this season. And let’s be honest – everyone wants a popping photo in the snow. 

In terms of materials/fabric, what separates, say, a good winter jacket from a bad one? 

It’s generally the weight of it. You can tell the Superdry gear is super thick and warm. It’s massive in Europe, too, and the European conditions are so much colder than our hemisphere so Superdry’s stuff is really built for the cold. The reason I love it so much is when you don’t need to layer too much, you can put a small jumper or a thermal on underneath and then your snow jacket; you’re toasty warm. It’s also built to last. 

How important is layering? 

There’s nothing worse than being too hot or too cold on the mountain. There’s a really fine line. So having a good jacket means not having to wear too much underneath whereas with some other jackets they’re quite thin so you’ve got to layer up. 

If we’re to invest in one piece, what should that be?

Definitely invest in a decent jacket, 100 per cent. You can wear it everywhere from the mountain to then out in town. 

To see more of Superdry’s Winter campaign head here. The brand is also offering a six-night snow trip for one lucky winner and three friends at Mt Baw Baw, including $500 in ski passes and over $1000 of Superdry gear. To throw your hat in the ring, head here

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