Spotlight on: Salia Jać

Words by Fashion Journal

Romantic at heart.

Salia Jać just launched in April of this year, but it’s already making a bold statement.

The PETA-accredited label prides itself on handmaking collections in Melbourne and Sydney, without the use of any animal fibres. Think womenswear designed with intention; tees, split leg pants, layered mini-dresses, tunics and more in simplistic colour palettes.

Also of note is Salia Jać’s complete transparency in all aspects of its supply chains. From the field to the wearer, the label utilises ethical and sustainably-sourced GOTS cotton and dead-stock fabrics.

Designed for the rebellious and romantic at heart, founder Saloan Cilia cites boundary-pushing French and Japanese street style as the inspiration behind the debut release.

And like limited-edition art, each garment comes numbered, so you know you’ve purchased an exclusive small-run piece.

Check out the range here.


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