Superdry’s latest ‘Jackets Made Better’ campaign is an ode to Mother Nature



Winter warmers that don’t cost the earth.

The rain has started again and the heater is out of storage. Today marked a change as I boiled up a large pot of tea to sip slowly at my desk – the first of the year. Release the town crier, for this means only one thing: winter is coming (far too quickly). Get ready to layer and protect your extremities, because the time for cosy outer things is near.

It’s easy to reach for the cheapest, most accessible winter warmer, but this year commit to making the considered choice (wherever possible). To whet your appetite for warm, earth-considerate fashion, Superdry has debuted its latest collection, Jackets Made Better.

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The collection includes a range of season-appropriate jackets designed for the wilderness and city alike. The jackets are either filled with responsibly sourced down or the recycled plastics of up to 30 plastic bottles, as the brand commits to an admirable goal.

In making conscious changes today, Superdry aims to become the most sustainable mainstream fashion brand globally by 2030. The brand considers not just our needs now but the impact we’ll have on the generations to come. 

The accompanying campaign features Australian actor Dan Ewing – clad in a selection of snug, eco-conscious jackets – enjoying the beauty that rural and urban NSW has to offer. With appearances from the Joadja Distillery and unique getaway providers, Unyoked, the message is clear: slow down, get outside and appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer. Better yet, make the sartorial choice that lines up with this. 

We’re told time and time again to ‘put your money where your mouth is’ and when a global brand like Superdry starts working towards this goal, it’s a sign that things are changing for the better. To make a real difference in the world, everything must be considered, including your winter purchases. So brew the leafy herbal tea, cosy up in Superdry outer layers and start exploring. 

To discover the collection, head here.

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