7 Australian creatives show us how they style gloves


“Gloves add a sense of subtle mystery and are an easy way to elevate an outfit.”

There’s something about gloves that adds a dramatic flair to even the most basic of outfits. Whether it’s a knitted fingerless pair, an elegant, Regency-style silk set or a maximalist, patterned number, gloves are likely the accessory you didn’t know you needed.

Television shows such as Euphoria, And Just Like That, Emily in Paris and, of course, Bridgerton – one of many popular period dramas which sparked the regencycore trend last year – have glamorised this sexy yet versatile fashion detail.

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In 2022, we’re seeing playful renditions of this classic piece, with embellishments like diamontes, feathers, bold patterns and cut-out detailing. But what outfits do gloves even go with? To get a better idea, I reached out to seven Australian creatives to see how they style their pairs.

Chloe Knight, model and tattoo artist

When the love of your life asks you to go to an opera you pull out the gloves to impress. Especially when you have a new diamond ring to show off. Gloves become the perfect backdrop to layering your favourite hand gems for an extra pop!

Here I’ve styled my outfit with the Fruity Booty gloves in the Orange Taiyō Print and a sheer Dana Foley dress with strappy platform pumps. I adore playing with different textures and pops of colours. I also love that the Fruity Booty gloves are sheer so you can still see my finger and wrist tattoos. I’m a stick-and-poke tattoo artist and love decorating my hands and other people’s with the perfect permanent ink gloves.


Sean Galway, digital creator

I wear a lot of crazy outfits, so I like to keep certain accessories like gloves for special occasions. For me, gloves add a sense of subtle mystery and are an easy way to elevate an outfit. Not everyone would reach for a pair of gloves, so when styled correctly they can have a big impact on the overall look.


Alyssa Forato, content marketing assistant and journalism student

I think gloves always take an outfit to the next level and make it edgy, unique, or timeless – depending on the style of the glove. I’m obsessed with fingerless gloves at the moment; I made these ones myself and I love their practicality. My fingers are free to do whatever they need, and the gloves add a pop of colour to any outfit. As much as I love long, elegant gloves, they’re just not practical.

Whether it’s to uni, work, or out-and-about, I’m always wearing my fingerless gloves – they’re just so cosy! I love styling them with wide-leg pants and a baby tee, or wearing an all-black outfit like I am in this photo.


Victoria Kokkolis, Depop seller and content creator

As someone who normally gravitates towards light neutrals and brown tones, it feels like such a pleasure to wear an all-black outfit topped off with the most versatile accessory. If an outfit is feeling a little boring or I want to include some extra colour, style or texture, I always opt for a suitable pair of gloves to pull a look together. This outfit represents the two colours I’m immensely infatuated with at the moment; taupe and black. You really can’t go wrong with anything mesh either!


Suzaan Stander, fashion design student

I’m always looking for ways to further accessorise my outfits, and gloves (alongside detached sleeves) have got to be my new favourite way to go about this. I’ll add gloves to any outfit, but you can’t go wrong with wearing them on a night out – the confidence boost is insane!

As a maximalist at heart, I instantly adored these Jaded London gloves that I spotted on Depop, and had no choice but to get them. I was instantly obsessed with the cyberpunk vibe they give off. I paired them with other thrifted pieces, and couldn’t resist a colour matching moment.


Emma Cutri, co-founder of Sister Studios and Blazed Wax

I’ve always been a collector of vintage things that I will maybe never wear, but have to have when I first see them. Long gloves are one of my vices – I think the obsession started back in year 11 when I got to wear long white gloves to my debutante ball.

These gloves were a fun way to change up a simple look with a pop of red. I was channelling Fran Fine with my new Moschino bag and thought the gloves would be fun for a date night to go with my red lips!


Samantha Todd, content creator and fashion designer at The Volt

I wore three different types of gloves to Coachella this year because they are such an easy way to take any look to the next level! Not to mention comfortable – it gets really cold at night time at the festival so any little bit helps. I love to wear well-matched colour looks, so adding gloves in matching or complementary fabrics really pulled my outfits together.


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