These swimsuits are made from recycled ocean plastic

Words by Indah Dwyer

Summer dream.

Pretend for a moment that it’s not the middle of winter and indulge yourself in memories of last summer: lazy evenings of ocean swimming and back yard sunbathing. But what swimwear are you wearing? And although you do look like a mermaid, is what you’re wearing sustainable?

Queensland-born brand Peony is a pioneer of eco-swimwear in Australia and has just dropped their new collection, Wallflower. Despite the title, there is nothing shy about this collection.

Peony is the only Australian swimwear brand on Net-A-Porter’s new sustainability platform, NET Sustain. It is because of this platform that these locally made brands now have a home in large fashion outlets.

High waist bottoms are reminiscent of an era you either missed out on or are longing to re-live. The fabric is adaptable to all body types as the lining is made from various sustainable fabrics, such as salvaged ocean debris and 100% regenerative nylon.


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