Pray for Tiffany: Tyra Banks is opening a modelling theme park

Image via The CW
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Theme park, but make it fashion.

If you say you’ve never spent hours in bed watching old episodes of America’s Next Top Model, you’re lying.

There’s something very satisfying about armchair judging contestants on challenges you barely understand and would never have to do yourself.

But soon, you might just have the chance to put your money where your mouth is.

Supermodel, host and smize queen Tyra Banks has announced plans to open Modelland – a modelling theme park in Santa Monica, California.

If you’re wondering how the modelling industry could possibly translate to a theme park, so are we.

Details are pretty slim, but Banks told WWD the permanent, ticketed attraction would resemble a fantasy version of the industry where everyone can play supermodel for the day.

“This is busting the door open and redefining what a model is,” she said. “It’s all about inclusiveness.”

Visitors will be able to shop a wide range of brands, eat at a themed restaurant and even try on clothes designed by Hollywood costumers and stylists.

Modelland will open at Santa Monica Plaza later this year.

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