Why you need to invest in sustainable underwear

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Arguably, lingerie is the most crucial element of our daily outfits. Bras, undies, crops, G-strings and shapewear: where would we be without the whole shebang? I, for one, would be a very uncomfortable, hot mess.

And with the rise of sustainability in the fashion-world-at-large, it goes without saying that the pieces sitting underneath it all must also follow suit. Investing in good lingerie could very well be the gateway to a happy life and a healthy world. Embrace your body with perfectly fitting pieces, designed to hold and cup in exactly the right places.

Traditional lingerie is primarily made from synthetic fibres, contributing to the endless saga of ocean-leaked microfibres. Even most cotton basics are likely to exert a mass of pesticides into the world through their manufacture.

But have no fear: here are a few local labels to update your underwear drawer (for when you need to ‘treat yo’ self’).


NICO is a champion in the sustainable lingerie category. As the first underwear label to be accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, the Brisbane-based brand has gone from strength to strength. In using Lenzing Modal (a natural fibre derived from beechwood), bamboo and organic cotton, NICO offers minimalist basics that are kind to the planet. Select from the staple offerings – triangle, full cup or underwire – and pair with your preferred brief style. Then away you go: conquering the world in sustainable comfort.



Founded in 2016, LE BUNS has made waves with its simple and sustainable take on swimwear and undergarments (or over-garments, if you prefer). LE BUNS sticks to GOTS-certified cotton, meaning the use of insecticides and pesticides are completely eliminated. The flow-on ensures that farmers and workers aren’t exposed to toxic chemicals, and the surrounding ecosystem is similarly protected. The brand is working to reduce waste in all areas – from partnering with like-minded manufacturers, to mindful packaging and upcycling cuttings for disadvantaged youth. At super affordable prices, with styles to suit every butt and pair of jeans, these pieces are an easy drawer inclusion.


The Very Good Bra

Originally launched as a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, The Very Good Bra exceeded all expectations: within 48 hours the project was fully funded. With all women in mind, and offering 24 different sizes, designer Stephanie Devine is attempting a circular approach to fashion. The bra itself is made from Tencel (sustainably farmed from local eucalyptus trees) and tree rubber elastic, with no wire in sight. The Very Good Bra is effectively zero-waste, making it very good indeed. Sign up for updates from the label to stay tuned on further releases and its upcoming sleepwear offering.


Lonely Lingerie

And just across the ditch, we have the ever-popular Lonely. As a brand built on diversity and acceptance – championing women of all body types, ages and races – Lonely aims to make every woman feel comfortable. While the peekaboo lacey numbers are primarily made from nylon (i.e. synthetic), the label also offers a range of classic bamboo intimates. The pastel-hued pieces scream another kind of sexy: the kind that comes with feeling comfortable in your own skin. Trust me, you’ll be parading around the house in these beauties in no time.


This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 183. You can read it here.

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