Vestiaire Collective is celebrating its 10th birthday with a treasure hunt

Words by Ruby Staley

Giving away 100 designer pieces for less than a fiver.

The leading global platform for designer pre-owned fashion, Vestiaire Collective, is celebrating its 10th birthday with an exploration into the psychology of why we love online resale spaces.

Oh, and a treasure hunt.

From Friday, the resale platform will be giving away 100 designer pieces from some of 2019’s most sought-after brands for a teeny tiny €2. Converted to AUD, that’s $3.21 – or less than your morning espresso.

As part of the celebrations, VC also surveyed its community about our emotional connections to online reselling. With the help of Behavioral Scientist Professor Benjamin Voyer, it has deciphered what is driving the resale trend.

The study revealed that our desire for uniqueness is stronger than ever and that most of us find being an eco-fashionista gratifying. With 66 per cent of customers stating that they were drawn to the thrill of selling pieces they no longer wear and 54 per cent of the community saying they wanted to shop for desirable fashion in a sustainable way, there’s no doubt we are heading towards a greener fashion industry.

The treasure hunt runs from November 8 until November 12 via the Vestiaire Collective app or you can play online.

In the meantime, it’s business as usual.


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