Valet Studio’s latest collection is a big summer vibe

Words by Ruby Staley

Nostalgic AF.

After making a name for itself via its statement hair clips, cult accessories label Valet Studio has just added a series of new and shiny pieces to its repertoire.

The summer collection, titled Fabienne, is inspired by a mix of playful coastal references and Alice’s Wonderland, pushing the label’s offering to be more playful than ever before.

Alongside a new selection of sparkly hair clips, including those shaped like seashells and love hearts, the Spring 2020 collection makes room for a series of resin earrings, beachy bags and headbands. It also incorporates Swarovski crystals, utilising whimsical shapes like starfish and slightly wonky circles.

Each of the pieces is wonderfully oversized and available in a range of bright colours, epitomising the sweetness of childhood summers gone by.


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