Y/Project releases more ugly denim to burn your eyes

Images via SSENSE

Can we stop already?

It’s quickly becoming apparent that fashion has a serious problem. And it arrives in the form of ugly denim.

In 2019 alone we’ve already had this and this. But unfortunately, the issue continues to be perpetrated by repeat offenders like Y/Project.

The latest in dumb denim from the brand sees a pair of two-tone cut-out jeans arriving as part of the SS19 collection. The pants feature a denim blue waistband-to-crotch area, before transitioning to a black denim leg. In the words of one of our colleagues: “it kind of just looks like a big, blue denim nappy.”

The ridiculous piece will even set you back a ridiculous price – of $760 – making it ideal for the person looking to throw away both their style and cash.

Shop them on SSENSE if that’s you.

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