An honest review of the Trainwreck premiere

Real talk.

Trainwreck, the long awaited film release from Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow, premiered at Events Cinemas George Street (Sydney) last night. 

The dress code spoke volumes about the type of soirée we’d been invited to: the night before the morning after. 

Schumer arrived at the premiere with co-star and SNL alumnus Bill Hader, who were both greeted with screaming fans (it’s quite possible that I was the only one screaming) and a red carpet rollout for the film’s debut Down Under.

The pre-screening festivities could have been excitement enough, yet guests were invited to walk the red carpet, sip a champagne (or down five to get in the Trainwreck vibe) and take the neon-lit ‘Walk of Shame’ towards the cinema.

Schumer and Hader were their usual comic best, chatting to the crowd before the screening. It took less than five minutes for Schumer to start discussing the size of her vagina (anyone familiar with her stand-up or Inside Amy material would have suspected the topic to arise sooner or later).

Hader made the point of highlighting that Schumer is actually classically trained as an actress and chose to pursue stand-up, a fact that becomes evident through the course of the film. 

Which leads us to the movie itself: it’s hysterical. The dialogue between party-girl journalist Amy (Schumer) and straightedge sports doctor Aaron (Hader) is improv perfection. The stellar supporting cast includes LeBron James (playing an overtly sensitive version of himself), Tilda Swinton and the always-amazing Brie Larson. 

While there are obvious romcom signifiers in the story, Schumer (who wrote the screenplay) and producer Judd Apatow work well to avoid it being pigeonholed into the genre. The jokes are often sexual and irreverent, classic Amy.

However when it seems as though the dialogue is moving too far into stand-up shtick, Hader’s refreshingly normal take on the leading man strikes the perfect balance.

Go and see it if you need an eye-watering laugh or can’t believe that LeBron James can pull off acting or comedy (he really can).


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