Pitch Perfect 3 is officially happening

More aca-awesomeness.

“Aca-scuse me?”

That’s right errybody, Pitch Perfect 3 is a go. Get ready for more riff-offs, more heart felt moments and many, many, (like seriously many) more laughs.

Oh yeah, we’re excited for more Barden Bella action. But we just have one question. After the national championships, the world championships and graduation, what comes next?

Well, interviews with the Pitch Perfect crew suggest it’s time to take that one step further and go… intergalactic. We’re talking aliens, sing offs in outterspace, basically total universal domination. 

Seems a bit far fetched? Hmm perhaps. There was also talk of mixed boy/girl acapella groups… That could work too. 

Whatever it is, it’s gonna be aca-awesome. 

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