10 sustainable brands doing their bit for the planet

Image via Simétrie

Sustainably sourced.

Finding brands that do as much for the environment as they do for you can be a little tricky.

To make things easier, we’ve put together a list of sustainable brands that are doing wonders when it comes to Mother Nature.

From reusable cutlery to eco packaging, consider these brands your starter pack to saving the planet.

Simétrie (pictured above)

Combining aesthetics and ethics can be a tricky balancing act. However, Simétrie has achieved this delicate mix without compromising on either. The label’s first range of minimalist bags are handcrafted in Melbourne, with all silhouettes inspired by the moon. Everything from the glues and dyes used in-house, through to the tanning process is carefully considered, with the most sustainable options used. In line with this philosophy, the brand uses only locally-sourced kangaroo leather, which is considered to be one of the most ecological and ethical leathers available. Further cementing its commitment to slow fashion, Simétrie holds monthly workshops in its Brunswick studio. Participants are shown how to create their own leather pouches and are educated about the value of hand-craftsmanship.



When it comes to skincare, Elkwood believes that Mother Nature knows best. So fittingly, the brand’s holistic range contains only organic, sustainable ingredients to give you the happiest skin possible. Everything is made in small batches and packaged with recyclable, plastic-free materials. As well as quality treats for your body, Elkwood offers a range of lifestyle products to help you live waste-free. To say goodbye to single-use plastics, shop the brand’s Zero Waste Starter pack. Inside you’ll find beeswax wraps, stainless steel straws, a straw cleaning brush and a foldable spork. The brand’s signature linen totes also come with a lifetime repair guarantee to encourage less wastefulness.



Remembering to bring your drink bottle or reusable coffee cup with you is much easier when it’s one you’re proud to show off. Kollab offers just that, with a range of lunch boxes, cooler bags, drink bottles, flasks and more covered in bright colours and graphic prints. Most recently, the brand has unveiled its PAPER by Kollab range – a super eco-friendly collection made from washable kraft paper. The raw material is produced from a natural fibre pulp, and is made without any harmful substances. Among the drop, you’ll find a coffee cup and cooler bag, making lunchtime greener than ever before.



Tampons and pads are not the only sanitary products that are now GST-free. Period-wear from Modibodi is also exempt from the tax, making it more affordable than ever. The brand specialises in a sustainable product range, from undies to activewear and swim. Across all styles, Modibodi uses high-quality natural fibres (like bamboo and merino wool) that are moisture-wicking, antimicrobial and super absorbent. On the underwear front, you can choose from lining that caters for light or heavy periods, as well as bladder leaks, discharge and perspiration. Designs are soft, silky and lightweight, aiming to keep you dry and comfortable all day long. Meanwhile, the introduction of a vegan range has made the brand even more inclusive.



While Noble’s name represents its two founders, it also reflects the label’s approach to design. Pushing for greater transparency in the fashion industry, the brand is committed to maximising sustainability at every step of the production process. To cut down on waste, it carefully sources deadstock fabrics from bigger brands in Australia, New Zealand and Los Angeles. These textiles are then transformed into limited-run pieces, produced by a small team in a local warehouse. Each collection is inspired by the Australian landscape, with a focus on relaxed styles that are made to stand the test of time.


The Fabric Store

The Fabric Store is all about combating fast fashion by giving people the option to craft their own beautiful clothes. High quality silks, linens and cottons share the store with specialty textiles like merino and leather. A sustainable ethos of reusing as much as possible means the company avoids mass-produced and ethically-questionable fabrics. Instead, the brand gets its stock from high-end designers, taking on unneeded sample lengths, offcuts and fabric ends. Not only does this bring unique, limited-run fabrics to customers, but it cuts down on industry waste.


Cutlery Carriage

We all know disposable forks are bad for the environment. But then again, taking a fork from home isn’t ideal either. We carry them around in single-use plastic bags, leave them at work or floating in the bottom of our bags. And at some point, they always go missing. Cutlery Carriage eliminates all of the above and then some. It’s a nifty BPA-free, dishwasher-safe case designed to make your own cutlery travel-friendly. Made locally from recyclable materials, the case also comes complete with a restaurant-quality fork and spoon, so you won’t have to raid the kitchen drawer at lunchtime.


The Better Packaging Co.

Every business owner will know how hard it is to remain plastic-free, especially when it comes to sending parcels. To help you out, The Better Packaging Co. has come up with a zero-waste alternative to standard post bags. The brand’s ‘comPOST’ satchels feel and act just like regular plastic, but are made from certified worm-friendly plant matter. That means they’re completely home-compostable, and will break down without any toxic residue. Choose from standard satchels, padded mailers or see-through poly bags.
Image: Alice Nightingale


The Coral Empire

The Coral Empire was started to bridge the gap between men’s apparel and swimwear. And it’s just a bonus the brand focuses on sustainability too. The new Sydney-based label takes an uncompromising approach to quality and design and in its initial offering, you’ll find six pairs of shorts. Three come in bright prints inspired by the Great Barrier Reef, while there’s also solid colourways of navy, bright blue and coral to choose from. So you can feel proud about what you’re wearing, each is made in Australia from regenerated nylon fabric, which comes entirely from fishing nets and other waste materials.


Bohemian Skin

During pregnancy, women are faced with an overwhelming list of things they should and shouldn’t be putting on their skin. When Bohemian Skin’s founder Morgan fell pregnant, she was unable to find products that were chemical-free and wouldn’t pass any nasties onto her unborn child. This fruitless search provided the impetus to set about developing her own locally- made, completely natural skincare range. The product offering includes a moisturiser, toner, gel cleanser, facial mask and spot treatment – all of which are Certified Vegan and Cruelty Free. Topping things off, everything comes in recycled packaging and is made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with sustainable processes.


This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 187. You can read it here.

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