11 things to love about self-isolation

WORDS BY Frankie Scheriani


Turning lemons into lemonade, isolation style.

So, I’ve lost count of how many days we’ve been in lockdown for. If there’s anyone out there etching a tally into the side of their desk of the days that have passed, please let me know. 

While the end is nowhere in sight, I thought for today I’d be your light in these darker times. I’m here to give you the glass-half-full approach to this situation.

Self-isolation isn’t as bad as it seems – after all, staying home saves lives. There are a handful of reasons to love this lockdown, so I’ve honed in and pulled out the 11 best things about it. 

1.  Your skin is loving you

All this time indoors means less time outside marinating in nasty pollutants that attack your skin. By staying inside, I can assure you that your pores will be rejoicing.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has dusted off those facemasks gifted to you way back when from that distant relative. Is it not the perfect time for a bit of self-pampering? Pull out that jade roller you’ve used a maximum of two times and roll out the impurities of your life. Reduce the puffiness of your sorrows, roll out the chaos of the world and enhance your inner glow.

A makeup detox is also a thing and I’m 32 days deep (it’s not like I’m counting). I actually forgot what makeup was for a moment but then I had a sneaky peak into my third drawer down and saw my untouched products glistening below me. Someday soon makeup, I had to tell myself, someday soon.

Remember, your skin is thanking you, so keep glowing ladies and keep drinking your three litres of water a day, because really, what else is there to do?

2. Not caring if the weather forecast predicts rain on the weekend because you’ll most likely be staying inside anyway

I’m a big culprit of constantly checking my weather app throughout the week, optimistic that a forecasted isolated shower will magically turn into a beautiful 25 degrees and sunny. But seeing as self-isolation means being housebound, let it pour I say. 

3. You’re never late for work

Remember the morning rush that would have you running to make the 8.02am train with a half-eaten piece of avocado toast in one hand and a hairbrush in the other?

The commute, for me, is not missed in the slightest and neither is peak hour traffic, both of which were big offenders in making me late for work.

But now, after a sweaty exercise sesh and a quick blend of a smoothie, I prance to my study bang on time.

Isolation life means no more manoeuvring our way through the slim crevice between humans on a packed carriage. No more waiting in lines to top up our Mykis. Just the simple daily commute from bedroom to study, and I couldn’t love it more.

4. You most likely won’t go over your data allowance

Don’t worry about going over your monthly data allowance because you’ll most likely be inside and connected to your home Wi-Fi for the majority of the day. Winning. 

5. I’ve actually finished a book and I’m not even on holidays

To those of you who are regular readers, I congratulate you and you may now skip down to point number six.   

For those of you who lack motivation, listen in. Have a list of books you want to tick off. The main motivation that’s pushing me through my current novel is the number of amazing books I have on my list I like to call Oh You Must Read This Next.

Forming a list provides a sense of importance which will motivate you to pick up the next book. The only thing that’s more satisfying than finishing a book, is actually ticking it off your list.

If you need to compile a list, recommendations from friends are the best. You’ve chosen these people as your people, so they must share some sort of common ground. If not, FJ has you covered.

6. Free fitness workout galore

Remember gyms? Me neither. But I do remember those memberships eating away at my savings.

In a scramble to stay afloat during the pandemic, gyms have blessed us with the wonderful world of free workouts. The chances that your favourite exercise gurus are offering support during this time are high, so have a search and stay active.

To all the gyms that are gifting us with these workouts, we thank you and appreciate you. A small list of regular sessions can be found here

7. Not having FOMO because no is doing anything

Who else suffers from a big nasty dose of the fear of missing out? My fellow people, I can assure you that for the time being, FOMO no longer exists. I give you permission to make the most of it while it lasts and binge-watch the entirety of Netflix, guilt-free.

8. Learning the things you always wanted to learn

With an abundance of free time, self-isolation is the perfect opportunity to pick up a new skill and learn something new.

YouTube tutorials are my new best friends. I’m well on my way to perfecting the salon-secret blow wave and my skills will be perfectly refined just in time for a post-isolation celebration.

9. Your puzzle skills are now at an expert level

Yes, I now class my puzzle skills at an expert level (hold the applause) and yes, I agree it should be an Olympic sport.

10. Your pets aren’t left alone all-day

If you thought your four-legged friend couldn’t love you anymore, well, now it does. Our pets are suddenly getting more air-time now that we’re working from home and I’m sure they couldn’t be happier.

11. You have all the time to focus on yourself

It’s time to hit the refresh button and focus on yourself. We’re lucky to all have this time to simultaneously restore our minds and restart our bodies.

Set and build goals for yourself, so that when the time comes, we can bound into our new world of post-isolation more motivated and kinder than we were before.

It is also important to not feel guilty if you feel like you’re not being productive. Everyone’s self-isolation is different, and if yours consists of clocking a whole lot of Netflix each day, that’s great, too. 

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