What do you watch when you’re in need of a big ol’ laugh?

Laugh it up, baby.

Welcome to Ask the FJ Community. We’ve tapped our brilliant community of creatives – writers, artists, designers, stylists, makeup artists, photographers – and asked them some of the questions that have been bouncing around our heads during isolation. For the third instalment, we asked: “What do you watch when you’re in need of a big ol’ laugh?”. We think we could all do with some lols during this time, and we hope you enjoy their answers as much as we do.

Genevieve Phelan, writer and FJ contributor

“Nothing cures nihilism like Kath and Kim. They’re also very good at oi-solation. Or go international with some virtual partying courtesy of Geordie Shore reruns from the very beginning. Wye aye.”

Kaitlyn Bosnjak, photographer and FJ contributor

“SNL (particularly Diner Lobster, or Close Encounter).”

Rob Povey, makeup artist and FJ contributor 

“This will really show my age (and lack-of coolness), but I think I’ve watched all eleven seasons of Frasier more than eleven times over. It just blends broad and highbrow humour so perfectly and I find myself discovering new one-liners every time I rewatch it.”

Hannah Cole, writer and FJ contributor

“Seinfeld is on current rotation – it’s easy, mindless and I love Elaine’s socks and shoe combos. I’m banking on a Parks & Recreation binge soon too.”

Olivia Hart, writer and FJ contributor

“Sitcoms! I get hectically into rewatching all the sitcoms available. So far I’ve binged Friends, Seinfeld, The IT Crowd and How I Met Your Mother.”

Sabina McKenna, writer, artist, curator and FJ contributor

“I have just started using TikTok – not to make content, just for the funny people! Ghost Honey is my favourite so far, but be warned it’s very silly.”

Indah Dwyer, writer, model and FJ contributor

“Ugh, Kath and Kim always! And also my camera roll.”

Maggie Zhou, FJ intern

“Stupid TikTok videos… Or even better, watching back on videos of me trying to learn TikTok dances. They’re saved in my drafts and I’m bringing them to the grave with me.”

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