36 awkward Uber experiences every rider has lived through

Uber illustration twylamae

Illustration by Twylamae
Words by Tara Smith

Long live my 4.69 star rating.

In the six short years since it arrived on Australian shores, Uber has grown from a funny-sounding app to a household name.

There’s no denying that in the meantime, the app has completely shaken the system in what was a heavily monopolised, broken taxi industry. Fed up with expensive fares, rude drivers and no-show taxis, we welcomed Uber with open arms.

In return, Uber welcomed us back, but that’s not to say we’ve haven’t had our fair share of awkward ride-sharing experiences.

While some are worse than others, a car ride with a complete stranger will always be slightly uncomfortable. There’s no easy way around it.

From one rider to another, here’s 36 awkward Uber experiences we’ve all lived through at some point.

Long live my 4.69 star rating.

  1. Cried to your driver about the terrible night you’ve had
  2. Sung to your heart’s content
  3. Offered your driver your McDonald’s as they look at you in disgust
  4. Promised not to spill any of said McDonald’s before dropping a chip down the side of the seat
  5. Hoped your driver didn’t notice you dropping a chip down the side of the seat
  6. Fallen asleep and woken up 10km past your destination
  7. “Can you turn the volume up?”
  8. “A little more?”
  9. Apologised profusely as you vomited out the passenger door
  10. Hoped that point 8 won’t affect your rating
  11. Sat politely while your driver showed you his mixtape
  12. Asked your driver’s opinion on your outfit
  13. Received unsolicited advice on your outfit from your driver
  14. Listened to a convoluted story about how your driver is really an ex-CSI agent but drives Ubers for fun
  15. Accidentally stolen someone else’s Uber
  16. Watched on as someone else stole your Uber
  17. “So how’s your night been?”
  18. Heard your driver’s life story about what they plan to do after uni
  19. “What time did you start?”
  20. Struggled to breathe over the scent of cheap air freshener
  21. Accidentally ordered an UberBLACK and thought you were royalty
  22. Convinced your driver you know a better route than Google Maps
  23. Got slammed by traffic on your ‘better route’
  24. Got into a car that was not an Uber
  25. Asked if your driver can go through two different fast food locations
  26. Sat in an Uber without being offered Mentos or water (seriously WTF?)
  27. Screamed at your phone as you watch your driver do laps trying to find your location
  28. Realised you entered the wrong location
  29. Woke up the morning after an Uber trip to discover you accepted a 4.6x surge
  30. Played Russian Roulette with surge pricing, waiting five minutes in the hope it will go down
  31. “Nice weather outside”
  32. Had the same driver twice
  33. Got an Uber home at 6am and hoped your driver didn’t judge you for your questionable appearance
  34. Attempted to include your driver in a conversation they did not want a bar of
  35. Ordered an Uber for your drunk friend and given your driver a set of explicit instructions to get them to the front door
  36. Smiled and waved as you successfully send your drunk friend home in an Uber against their will

Illustration by Twylamae.

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