5 brands to get you off the couch and into the gym

Image via Yogi Peace Club

Let’s get physical.

There’s nothing better than indulging in a good ol’ Netflix binge, curled up on the couch with Uber Eats on the way. Although it sounds like the dream, we can’t lose sight of what’s even more important: your health and fitness.

To make things a little easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of five of our favourite brands to get you up and running.

Yogi Peace Club (pictured above)

The new collection from Yogi Peace Club provides a very convincing argument as to why you should get into yoga. Created in collaboration with esteemed Yoga Patch teacher Patch Thompson, the release spans eco-friendly bamboo and organic cotton pieces perfect for your next session. Expect bras, leggings and tees in mix-and-match colours, all designed to be easy-wearing and feel like a second skin. To complement your attire, Yogi Peace Club also offers a range of PVC-free yoga mats made from biodegradable tree rubber.


Team Timbuktu

Doing its bit for people and the planet, Team Timbuktu is an outdoors apparel brand embracing upcycled materials. Offering a sustainable alternative to your regular gym gear, the debut collection is crafted from recycled plastics and discarded fishing nets. Expect a range including raincoats, crop tops and leggings, with 20 per cent of profits donated to local charities. Team Timbuktu hasn’t skimped on quality either. The raincoats are lightweight, durable and waterproof, while the crop tops and leggings are soft and breathable. Waging war on waste and boring activewear, Team Timbuktu is one to watch.



They say beauty starts within and that sentiment is at the heart of Intrametica. Formulated by leading naturopath Angela Maree Smith, the brand offers a range of organic botanical whole food powders to nourish and support the skin. Intrametica’s Collagen Ultimate + Powder comes in an organic raspberry burst flavour, promising to improve skin texture, plumpen skin and tighten pores. It works by targeting the deeper layers of skin to reduce uneven pigmentation, protect against sunburn, increase skin moisture and combat the signs of ageing. With each ethical formula’s ingredients proven effective by clinical scientific trials, adding the powder to your smoothies or water is a no-brainer.


Love Athletica

We know first-hand that finding motivation to work out can be tough. But we think Love Athletica will give you a good reason to get off the couch. Based in Hawthorn East, VIC, this reformer pilates studio has been carefully designed to feel luxurious and welcoming – with natural lighting, high ceilings and sleek Allegro II reformer beds. Each low-impact class aims to spike your heart rate and burn some calories, through a mix of classic reformer moves, training and cardio. With each session finishing in a mindful yoga flow to cool down and restore, you’re bound to feel like a visit to Love Athletica is the best part of your day. Try four classes for $40.


All Fenix

Melbourne label All Fenix is pushing the boundaries of athleisure with its consistent release of sophisticated, high-quality collections. Contemporary, minimal and practical design is at the core of each garment, keeping you comfortable through the toughest of workouts. The brand has now teamed up with US spin studio SoulCycle, releasing an exclusive sports bra and compression legging set which will be available in US SoulCycle stores and online from August. Since launching in 2015, All Fenix can now be found in over 100 retailers across the world including Bandier, Revolve, The Iconic and Equinox.


This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 181. You can read it here.

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