Two ‘Queer Eye’ couples went on a double date and we’re not crying you are

Image via Netflix
Words by Tara Smith

Pure joy.

In just the feel-good news we needed this week, Queer Eye’s Tom and Abby went on a double date with Season 2’s William and Shannan.

You might remember William as the guy who proposed to his fiancé in an all-white suit (via a home-made film). Of course, we all remember Tom because he was the greatest thing to happen to the show.

News of the double date broke after an Instagram post from Netflix, stating it was the ‘crossover episode we never knew we needed’.

According to William’s Instagram, the couples met at a Mexican restaurant in Georgia, where apparently William and Shannan arrived 90 minutes early (bless).

Best of all, you’ll notice in the below posts that Tom and William are still rocking their clean-cut looks given to them by the Fab Five. Too pure for this earth.


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