6 celebrity Instagram Lives it’s worth actually tuning in to

WORDS BY Frankie Scheriani

Because watching a famous person do normal things is kind of mesmerising.

Before you start reading this article, it’s worth noting Stanley Tucci does not feature. Our editors are simply very eager fans of the above-pictured video in which he makes his wife a negroni, and felt he deserved a visual slot in this article. Also, his biceps. Carry on.

Ah, the beautiful rabbit hole that is Instagram. Falling deep into the dark archives, slowly scrolling away the hours. With self-isolation has come an abundance of binge-worthy content, from wholesome accounts to celebrity WFH looks, we applaud Instagram for saving us from complete insanity.

But my latest obsession in a segment I like to call Unhealthy Amounts of Internet Consumption is all about celebrities’ live Instagram posts. I’m not sure why I find staring at a well-known personality talking to a screen about the politics of the world so very entertaining. But frankly, I’m mesmerised. 

There’s something uncomfortable yet beautiful about watching someone in real-time. But more importantly, I’m fascinated by just watching famous people do normal people things. So, behold, I’ve scrolled far and wide to source the celebrities who post the best Instagram lives.

Miley Cyrus @mileycyrus

Miley Cyrus has gone the extra mile during self-isolation with her Instagram segments Bright Minded. Monday through to Friday for one hour, Miley Facetimes an impressive array of celebs to talk about everything and anything.

Particularly focusing on the mental and emotional strains of COVID-19, Miley chats to the likes of Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa and Miranda Kerr. She also aims to highlight heroes by inviting doctors and nurses onto the show and offering advice about living through this pandemic.

Complete with metallic streamers, rainbow LED lights and an incredibly catchy theme song, Miley provides a comforting space and a distraction from the surrounding chaos of the world, reminding us to stay bright-minded during these dark times. Streaming at 11.30am PST, unfortunately, equates to an early 4.30am for us in AEST. Lucky for all of you late risers, each episode can be found on Miley’s Instagram TV.

Alexander Wang @alexanderwangny

So, Alexander Wang and Hailey Bieber played Never Have I Ever through the House Party app on Saturday night and my famous people doing normal people things radar is firing up. Streaming every Saturday Night at 8pm (a perfect 10am Sunday morning for us) Alexander Wang’s live Instagram episodes, Staying In With Alex is like the slumber party I always dreamt of.

Episode one was the birth of my obsession when I found myself one hour deep watching Wang with Euphoria star Alexa Demi drinking champagne and attempting a synchronised wing eyeliner. Episode two had Wang (and me) breaking a sweat with Normani from Fifth Harmony instructing a dance routine, while episode three was all about pouring up (responsibly) with Hailey Bieber’s cocktail class. Hailey, I’m not convinced about your Aperol to Prosecco ratio, but I’ll turn a blind eye. I’m patiently holding out for episode four.

Paris Hilton @parishilton

If you were lucky enough to witness it, dreams came true when Paris Hilton blessed us with a one hour live DJ set. In collaboration with the music festival Triller Fest, Paris converted her living room into what she liked to call a “rave party”, decked with multi-coloured garden gnomes, life-size unicorn balloons and miniature gold meerkat statues. Brilliant. I’m praying that Paris’ DJ sets will become more of a regular occurrence, but either way she is worth a follow purely for the very high entertainment value. 

Martha Stewart @marthastewart

Martha Stewart’s Instagram Live segments Home-school with Martha is more comforting than a big bowl of spaghetti bolognese. Follow Martha step-by-step as she prepares a few of her classics like black plum porridge, the perfect garden salad and pillowy bread pudding. Dressed in her initial-embroidered silk pyjamas paired with a subtle lick of clear lip gloss, Martha is the epitome of wholesome and must be protected at all costs. While Martha’s live posts aren’t on a regular schedule, you can still find all of the at-home videos on her Instagram TV.

The Lady Bunch 

Not exactly live but more on the regular, The Lady Bunch is an Instagram show that rings a bit closer to home. Each weekly episode features Melbourne-based influencers Rebecca Harding, Rozalia Russian, Emma Hawkins and fashion stylist Elliot Garnaut.

Chatting via House Party, the four share a light-humoured catch-up and sometimes get deep about the pressures of their respective industries and the demands Instagram entails on their lives. It’s like a four-way phone call we’re not supposed to be listening to, but my ears are pressed up against the phone and I’m quietly waiting to hear more.

Hamish Blake @hamishblakeshotz

The main offender contributing to my unhealthy Instagram Live consumption is the one and only, Hamish Blake. While his Instagram episodes aren’t exactly live, they undeniably deserve a mention. If you slide into Hamish’s DM with your Zoom ID, password and meeting time, there is a chance the comedian will pop into your morning catch-up.

Posted on Instagram TV,  Zoom For One More shows Hamish unexpectedly turning up in an array of Zoom meetings. Think a team of managers from Mecca hosting a face mask party, an F45 fitness class, the executive team from online fashion retailer The Iconic and so many more. With over 1200 Zoom invitations and having crashed over 500 meetings to date, Blake has been keeping himself extremely busy, and us viewers extremely entertained.

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