Hattie Molloy has launched a double-sided puzzle to cure your iso boredom


Puzzle me this.

Puzzles. In an unexpected turn of events, everyone’s going absolutely crazy for them right now. So much so, that puzzle makers are working overtime to fulfil the demand – there’s something I never expected to write – which has apparently surged “past Christmas levels”.

Puzzles come in all different shapes, sizes and levels of difficulty, but I’ve never once completed a puzzle and thought, gee, you know what I want to do with this puzzle? Frame it and put it on my wall. Maybe I’ve only been exposed to visually unappealing puzzles, I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’ve found a puzzle that it would feel rude not to frame.

Melbourne-based florist Hattie Molloy recently announced that, in lieu of flowers, she has created a very sleek double-sided puzzle featuring photographs of her mind-bogglingly beautiful floral arrangements. Once completed, the 500-piece puzzle looks like a bonafide piece of art that rightfully deserves its place on your wall.

The aim is twofold; firstly, to keep everyone in isolation entertained and satisfy the incessant demand for puzzles, and secondly, to give customers a new way to support her business during this trying time. The puzzle can be yours for $84, it comes gift wrapped (and would make for a very impressive present) and there’s free shipping for all orders within Australia. Head to Hattie’s website to find out more.


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