7 things you definitely shouldn’t say or do in a fashion interview

That’s all.

Job interviews are a little bit like dating. You practise what you’re going to talk about, spend ages choosing something to wear, discuss your varied personal and professional backgrounds, have an awkward chat about money and at the end, decide whether or not the person is a complete psychopath and if you’ll ever see them again.

Fashion interviews have an extra layer of anxiety spread on top. 

Your outfit is even more important than before, because like it or not, you’ll be judged on this the minute you walk in the door. You need to research the shit out of everything that’s ever happened in the world of farshun, just in case they ask you about Prada’s 2010 Pre-Fall collection. And you’d wanna have at least five underground up-and-coming labels up your sleeve to show just how seriously you take fashion. Unfortunately, Glassons doesn’t count.

Oh and also, you’ll want to study up on the below pointers.

Don’t remark on your *passion for fashion*

This is the equivalent of an accountant saying they’re good at maths, or a flight attendant saying they’re in it for the free trips to Bali. It’s obvious.

Pointing out your ‘passion for fashion’ is also very cringe-worthy, and is ammunition for the whole room to bitch about you when you leave… and then never call you back.

Don’t come completely unprepared 

It’s highly likely you’ll be asked about the current crop of trends, industry people you admire or your favourite fashion labels. For the love of God, have some answers prepared. 

If you truly have a *passion for fashion*, these should come naturally to you, but if you’re like me and completely seize up when being quizzed, be sure to brush up beforehand.

Don’t try too hard in the outfit department 

When it comes to getting dressed for a fashion interview, there’s a fine line between showing your personality and looking like a complete try-hard. 

Remember, less is more. That is, don’t go in there wearing all of your favourite clothes and every accessory you own, at once.

Don’t talk like Rachel Zoe

Repeat after me: I solemnly swear, under no circumstances, shall I utter the words or phrases ‘literally’, ‘I die’, ‘bananas’, ‘major’ or ‘just throw me in my coffin now with these earrings on’.

Don’t focus on where you want to go 

Let’s be clear: the lovely busy person interviewing you doesn’t care that want to be the editor of Vogue one day. In fact, she probably doesn’t believe you and might even find it slightly offensive that you want the job purely to get yourself ahead in life.

Place less focus on your lofty ambitions and more on what you can do for their business. Don’t rant on about the job you eventually want – be excited about the job you’re interviewing for. Yes, even if the job is applying masking tape to the soles of 10,000 shoes. 

Don’t say all the labels wrong 

Pronouncing labels incorrectly is practically career suicide in a fashion interview, so if you’re going to walk in there splashing about your Balenciaga’s, Thierry Mugler’s and Givenchy’s, be sure to learn how to say them first.

If one slips out of your mouth wrong, just quietly pack up your things and leave. 

Don’t be too interested in the perks 

Sure, in your mind you might be throwing the orientation book on the floor and yelling “JUST TELL ME WHAT THE F*CKING DISCOUNT IS ALREADY” but in real life you’re flipping through the orientation book with a few interested nods and smiling politely. 

At no point should you enquire about the company perks … unless of course, you’ve decided the person is, in fact, a complete psychopath and you’re looking for an immediate way out.

Illustration by Twylamae.

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