A designer has made furniture out of old Glossier packaging

Images via Charlie Shuck/Sight Unseen
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic.

Cult favourite Glossier is stepping out of its comfort zone with millennial pink furniture.

The brand has collaborated with designer Kim Markel on the series, and it’s all thanks to Markel sliding into Glossier’s Instagram DMs.

Featured in the collection is a cabinet, chairs, side tables and mirrors. Plus, an obligatory vanity table.

The rosy colour of the pieces is thanks to a key ingredient – Glossier’s iconic pink packaging.

Pouches, tubes and jars have been recycled and mixed with other plastics to create a translucent, candy-like effect. Just one chair uses about 50 jars, so it’s a good thing everyone has such an unhealthy obsession with Glossier.

It looks like the furniture pieces are for exhibition purposes only at the moment, with no word of them being available for sale. But Aussies can still dream of one day being able to get their hands on all the Glossier goodies.

You can read more about the collaboration here.


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