A Snoopy-themed hotel is coming to Japan

Peanuts Diner

Peanuts Diner

Images via Peanuts Hotel
Words by Tara Smith

Aww shucks.

If getting its very own Hello Kitty bullet train wasn’t enough, Japan has now set its sights on the first-ever Peanuts-themed hotel. Yep, a hotel dedicated to the beloved Snoopy.

Located in Kobe, the Peanuts Hotel is set to open August 1. It will feature 18 guestrooms modelled on the classic comic, each fitting certain themes including ‘Imagine’, ‘Love’ and ‘Happy’.

The hotel will take up six floors, arriving complete with a Peanuts Cafe for light snacks and a Peanuts Diner. Fittingly, the motto for the hotel is “It’s nice to have a home where guests feel comfortable”, a play on the below comic strip.

Reservations for the Peanuts Hotel open July 9, with prices starting at around $360 per person.


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