Road Test: Are Adidas’ new TechFit Period-Proof tights all that they’re hyped up to be?


Period innovation meets sportswear.

I have to admit, when the opportunity arose to try out adidas’ new TechFit Period-Proof tights I was both sceptical and intrigued. Not because I didn’t think they’d get the job done so-to-speak, but my concerns lay more in the aesthetic side of things.

There’s nothing worse than being halfway through a run and realising the $90 skin-tight, elastane-clad leggings you just purchased are shining a spotlight on your massive wedgie. So you can imagine with period leggings these concerns were exacerbated by images of a giant nappy-like situation. With all this in mind, I strapped in for my first foray into the world of period leggings.

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The TechFit Period Proof tights are adidas’ latest product innovation designed to keep more menstruators in play through flow shield technology. Although not a replacement for traditional sanitary items, the leggings are designed to be worn with a tampon, pad or cup and feature a three-layer gusset pad that wicks and absorbs.

The product launch is just one part of adidas’ global initiative to demystify taboos surrounding periods in sport, and to better support and uplift their fierce female community. Better yet, the brand has collaborated with sports scientist and elite endurance athlete Dr Georgie Bruinvels to create free resources and lesson plans for schools around the globe in an effort to bolster education and break the stigma.

I’ve been a sporty person for pretty much my whole life. Tennis, gymnastics, netball, football – you name it, and I’ve probably given it a crack (some regretfully). I sometimes like to refer to myself as a modern-day Sporty Spice sans the midriff. Annoyingly, I also suffer from endometriosis, so whenever Aunt Flo pays her monthly visit, she likes to make it known (subtlety isn’t her strong suit). This often means exercise can be painstakingly anxiety-inducing, with my leakage radar cranked up to 100. 

When reading up on the brand’s latest innovation, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated hearing that one in four girls around the world drop out of sport during their adolescence, with one of the main reasons cited being fear of leakage while on their period. Speaking about the collection, Kim Buerger, senior product manager of women’s apparel at adidas, said: “We started designing this collection from the inside out. We knew it had to be comfortable and breathable, but most importantly, it had to serve its purpose of helping to protect against leakage.”

The package arrived at my house at what can only be described as bittersweet timing. I was halfway through my period – it was as if my uterus had manifested the delivery. This also meant I was feeling extremely sluggish with zero desire to move my body unless in the direction of the fridge.

When I opened up the package, my initial fears of looking like a giant nappy-clad baby dissipated. They’re extremely sleek and smooth, with built-in seamless underwear and a nifty little phone pocket. The first thing I noticed was how well-executed and subtle the period-proof gusset was – nothing like the chunky pad I had envisioned. In fact, the look and feel of the material were practically identical to my regular workout leggings. This pleasant surprise was exactly the kick up the butt I needed to move my body.

I popped the leggings on and set off for a run around the block. Through the Olivia Rodrigo in my ears and my excessive panting, I couldn’t get over how normal the leggings felt. The built-in underwear was silky and comfortable, while the three-layer pad felt almost… non-existent? Although I did have an extra pep in my step as I did my cool-down walk home, I was yet to find out if the leggings actually worked as well as I had felt they had, or, if they had me fooled.

The moment of truth. I half expected to have blood on my thighs, but had a glimmer of hope in my heart. I took them off and thankfully, they’d managed to keep up with Aunt Flo. What tiny spotting had escaped my tampon here and there was almost invisible to the naked eye and had been completely absorbed by the flow shield.

Best of all, the high-quality design and seamless integration of the period-proof technology means these leggings aren’t strictly limited to that time of the month. In short, I am a convert, and would comfortably recommend these to my friends (you guys). It’s incredible to see such a prolific global brand recognise and challenge the stigmas associated with menstruation and exercise in a bid to better understand the mental, physical and social barriers that exist for women in sport.

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