Eating eggs before bed can help you sleep better, apparently

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Words by Nicole La Ruffa

The gateway to eggcelent sleep.

Here’s something you probably never thought about. Apparently, an egg or two before bed can help induce some much-needed Zs.

Why, you ask? Egg whites produce melatonin (the chemical that makes you feel sleepy) and are a rich source of amino acids. So, munching on eggs for dinner should tell your brain to log off for the night, and help you sleep better for longer.

According to dietician, Sharon Natoli, “a healthy well-balanced diet is a key contributor to a good night’s sleep. Eggs are widely recognised as a high-quality protein source so simply including an egg with a meal can boost sleep duration and quality for all-around mental and physical health.”

She also explains that, like a domino effect, sleeping well and eating eggs (which apparently go hand-in-hand) will help prevent weight gain, ageing and rising stress levels.

Your eggcelent sleep awaits. 


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