Ask A Sex Therapist: Can you recommend any LGBTIQA-friendly Instagram accounts?



Recommendations galore.

“Can you recommend any LGBTIQA-friendly Instagram accounts?” – In Search Of Instagram Accounts

Hey there In Search Of Instagram Accounts,

Thanks for your question, I most definitely can! Here are my faves:

Indya Moore


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Indya Moore is a trans, non-binary model and actor who uses the pronouns they/them. They have appeared on the cover of Vogue India, featured in Elle and starred in a leading role on the popular series Pose. Indya uses their platform to be seen beyond their trans identity, highlighting that although the pain and suffering are real, there is more to a trans person than being oppressed and that they are still relatable to the broader cis-heteronormative community. Check out Indya’s account for images of their beauty and trans-related news.   


Alok Vaid-Menon


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Alok is a gender non-confirming activist with a flair for creative expression through dress. Identifying with the pronouns they/them, Alok’s Instagram is filled with educational information about gender non-conformity and showcases Alok’s eccentric style as they experiment with vibrant colour palettes and fun accessories. Their Instagram is a treat for the mind and the eyes. For more resources beyond Instagram, you should also check out Alok’s book titled Beyond the Gender Binary which explores gender fluidity and addresses transphobic discrimination.


Her Story

Her Story was created by Kelly Rakowski, who uses the account as a digital archive to share images of ads, magazine covers, celebrities, books, party flyers (and more) that are lesbian or queer related. Documenting the rich history of lesbian culture from as early as the nineteenth century, this account is a great archive to browse through on a rainy day – I’ve spent hours on here myself!


Erika Hart

Erika Hart is a non-binary person of colour, with the pronouns she/they, who uses their Instagram platform to discuss intersectionality and shine a light on the experiences of non-heteronormative breast cancer survivors. Challenging medical injustices, Erika educates their followers about the lack of diversity in the public narrative of breast cancer survival, often posting images of their bare-bodied self to display the double mastectomy they’ve had and to raise breast cancer awareness. If Erika hasn’t already impressed you, they also have a master of education in human sexuality, with 11 years’ experience working as a sex educator. With this background, Erika also discusses topics such as navigating polyamory and the poly community from a BIPOC perspective. Tackling intersectionality from multiple angles, Erika’s page is a great mix of education, activism and humour.


Michael and Zak Zakar


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Michael and Zak Zakar are an Iraqi-American twin duo who use their Instagram to post saucy pics and fun content on their lives as two gay brothers. The duo are also the authors of Pray the Gay Away, which is an autobiographical story of coming out to their homophobic and devout catholic mother. The book was such a success it was made into a film and play!


Chella Man


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Chella Man is a deaf, genderqueer, talented artist and an LGBTIQA+ activist who in 2017 publicly documented their transitioning. Both informative and insightful, Chella Man can be seen on their YouTube page discussing body dysmorphia and showing viewers the progressive change in the sound of their voice while undergoing testosterone hormone therapy. Today, Chella Man uses their Instagram to continue sharing stories about their challenges post-transition, while also documenting their professional life as an IMG-signed model, often featuring on campaigns for big-name brands such as Gap and Calvin Klein.


Archer Magazine


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Archer Magazine is a bi-yearly Melbourne-based publication that focuses on topics related to sex and gender and is developed with inclusivity at its forefront. Their audience ranges from LGBTIQA+ folk, sex workers, and those who practice kink or alternative sexual practices (such as polyamory). Their Instagram is an extension of the magazine, where you can find previews of some of their articles. They are super sex-posi and also educational, which we love.


That concludes my favourites list. I know there are an abundance of LGBTIQA-friendly accounts out there, but if you think there’s one I should have included in here, get in touch. I’d love to hear about it!

Laura Miano is a sex and relationship writer and sex therapist based in Melbourne. Her mission is to help those with sexual concerns as well as support individuals who might like to enhance their sex lives beyond cultural norms. To learn more about her, follow @lauramianosexology or contact her here.
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