Attention HP fans, ‘Voldemort: Origins of the Heir’ is now on Youtube

Voldemort Origins of the Heir
WORDS BY Veronica Stanford

Image via Tryangle Films

Warner Bros. approved.

If you’ve ever trawled through a fan fiction site, you’ll know Harry Potter fans are pretty good at coming up with plausible spin-offs in J.K Rowling’s universe.

Now, a new fanfic film has been shared with the world and, despite its unofficial nature, it looks pretty promising.

The idea for the film Voldemort: Origins of the Heir was floated last year on Kickstarter, by a group of hardcore HP fans. Directed by filmmakers Gianmaria Pezzato and Stefano Prestia and organised by Tryangle Films, the project was originally taken down by Warner Bros.

Thankfully, negotiations ensued and the 52-minute prequel was granted approval on the proviso that it took no profit.

Now uploaded to Youtube, it follows OC Grisha McLaggen, a descendant of Godric Gryffindor and is told through flashbacks, as Hogwarts students investigate the suspicious activities of Tom Riddle. While the acting isn’t totally convincing, the cinematography, props and special effects are pretty damn legit. Plus, it’s a better plot line than The Cursed Child.

Check it out below.

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