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Feel-good fun featuring vibrators, dildos, oils, lubricants, condoms and more.

Let’s be real, in today’s fast-paced world we could all do with a little more pleasure. Solo or partnered intimacy can go a long way for your mental and physical health – orgasms are known to lower your cortisol (aka stress) levels, stimulate your skin’s collagen and can even naturally relieve pain. 

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And thanks to a host of new sexual wellness brands, sexuality and pleasure are becoming increasingly destigmatised with every aesthetically pleasing vibrator sold. To help empower Australians to feel good, we’ve compiled a growing directory of the best local sexual wellness brands on the market. 



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Brisbane-based all-female start-up Rosewell is a sexual wellness brand designed to increase intimacy all while looking good on your hot girl side table. With two vibrators on offer as well as conversation starter packs and sensual oil, Rosewell is serving modern sexuality and looking chic while she does it. Try its Bend toy for up to two and a half hours of eight different speeds and modes.  


Par Femme 


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Par Femme is an independently owned and run eCommerce store that stocks loungewear, jewellery and a range of sex toys, lubricants, and accessories. Aiming to celebrate pleasure at an inclusive price, Par Femme sells sexual wellness brands including Dame and We-Vibe as well its own toys. To support Par Femme (and your own pleasure) why not try the Ooh G-Spot Vibrator in a pretty pastel pink. 




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The team at Normal believe that sexual wellness should be “stress-free, stigma-free and regret-free”. That’s why Normal is a sex toy store as well as an educational platform. With catchy toy names, sex guides and personalised quizzes to find which product works best for you, Normal knows there’s no ‘normal’ way to engage in your sexuality. Try the best-selling Piper for dreamy internal and external stimulation. 



Founded by doula Caroline Reis and aircraft engineer Annie Miller, Flossy is encouraging shame-free pleasure. The duo wanted to create a sleek and streamlined online sex toy space that felt like walking into an Apple store rather than a seedy, underground basement. Now, the Brisbane-based site stocks a curated range of brands including Dame, Rosewell, We-Vibe and Petite. Shop the internet’s favourite bullet vibrator here




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Formulated with native Australian extracts, Figr is your next bedside table buddy. Founded by Eloise O’Sullivan and Eloise McCullough in 2020’s lockdowns, the lubricant brand aims to destigmatise lube and transform it from an out-of-date, cheap product into a luxe sexual wellness must-have. The lube is fragrance-free, vegan, latex-friendly, doesn’t leave a nasty sticky residue and comes in a pretty, sleek bottle. What’s not to love? 




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Lucy is a pleasure-focused brand with one item only; lube. The 70ml bottle features a water-based lubricant that’s pH friendly, vegan and free of any nasties. Born out of a lack of quality-made sexual wellness products for women, Lucy is focusing on delivering one amazing product. The Melbourne-based brand also has a quarterly subscription service so you’re never left high and dry. 




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Vush is instantly recognisable on the sexual wellness scene. Dripping in peachy tones, it’s one of Australia’s largest online sex toy stores. Known for its famous Empress clitoral stimulator, Vush sells a range of toys, intimate care products and body-loving bundles. The site has just restocked the sell-out Vush x Abbie Chatfield G-Spot vibrator so get your hands on it before it’s gone… again. 




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Gone are the days of buying generic condoms at the 7/11 on a Friday night – Jonny has made practising safe sex chic again. Created from natural latex, Jonny condoms are vegan, eco-conscious and come in colourful packaging. Each condom also arrives with a small bag for planet-friendly disposal. Don’t get caught out, though! You can shop them online or at stockists around the country. Nab the Let’s Dance pack here




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Frenchie is your one-stop sexual wellness shop. Featuring lube, condoms and pH balancing wipes, Frenchie is all about promoting fun and natural sex (the cute Parisian aesthetic doesn’t hurt either). With names like Oh La La Love lube, Beret condoms and the Ménage à Trois bundle, your sexual wellness drawer will be bursting with playful accessories. Try the Lovers Kit to get started. 


My Ilo

My Ilo (aka I love orgasms) is empowering you to explore your sexuality. Valuing the three Es (empowerment, education and environmentalism) My Ilo wants you to love yourself and the earth. The site stocks three vibrators: the Ring (a clitoral vibrating ring), the Duo (a clitoral sucking and vibrating toy) and the Egg (a pastel palm-sized vibrator). Alongside the toys, My Ilo also delivers eco-friendly oils, lubes and candles. What more could you need? Try the Ring solo or partnered for maximum pleasure. 


For advice on how to select the right sex toy for you, head here.

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