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The world of sex toys can be an intimidating place. Less so now that we’re speaking more openly about sex and toys are more of a sleek, cool pleasure accessory than a scary sexual rabbit hole reserved for the super-kinky. It’s time to expand your bedroom horizons and be the driver of your own sexy car. Is that the saying?

I love this new wave of comprehensive, accessible sex education and the ongoing conversations around pleasure. If you want an orgasm, you can facilitate it yourself – and there are a plethora of amazing internet people to tell you exactly how. Orgasms for all!

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If you’re skeptical, let me – and 7 sex experts – change your mind. Here’s a shortlist of the best toys on the market, for all price ranges and pleasures.

Vanessa Muradian, sexologist


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I’ve been a sex toy expert for years! I’ve been hustling toys since 2007 when I started my sexy/luxe pleasure shop, Mia Muse. Since then toys have really evolved which means there are less toxic materials in the market and more femme-centric designers – which is important to me when designing toys for people with vulvas.

Since day one, my fave toy has been the Gigi by Lelo. I always come back to it despite the offerings for other toys. I love its broad and flat head (made for G-spot exploration) which disperses the array of vibrations and prevents less of that acute and pointy vibration which can be a lot for my vulva/clitoris to handle.

I tried using an air vibrator recently and it annoyed me more than anything and didn’t quite hit the orgasm spot. My fave way to use this toy is for external/clitoral play around the vulva, with a partner or without – I’m just a little bit obsessed.


Amy Game, artist and founder of Girl Talk

My favorite has to be the My Ilo Egg from @myilo.au. It’s a little pink egg-shaped vibrator that is shaped to sit perfectly on top of your vulva. It’s soft, pretty to look at and a more gentle toy as opposed to some of the ones that have the little suction top (but they also have this) which I personally prefer.

The brand is also eco-conscious, local and female-owned and they focus a lot on self-love and empowerment. It’s a huge bonus for me to be able to support a local brand that ticks all the boxes rather than just buy a cheap toy on the internet (we’ve all been there). Oh! And a huge bonus on top of everything else – it’s waterproof and rechargeable!


Maggie Zhou, writer and content creator


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A year ago I had never used a sex toy, but through the mystical world of internet collaborations, I’ve been fortunate enough to road test a handful. My favourite is Rosewell’s Bend in Deep Blue. It’s visually beautiful and has a bit of weight to it, it feels really luxe.

It’s really quite versatile – it can be used by any gender, can be bent up to 180 degrees and has eight different modes. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, it honestly does the job really well. It’s owned by two Australian women who have poured a lot of love into the brand – and it shows.


Eloise O’Sullivan and Eloise McCullough, co-founders of Figr


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Our favourite sexual wellness product would have to be Rosewell’s Bean. Yes, we both have the same toy. Same toy, same haircut and same name – it’s all quite cute. Looking like an Apple mouse, this toy has been left in the open with people being none the wiser. With the sleek medical-grade double-coated silicone it feels like butter. The size is perfect and fits like a glove for down there.

Bean is powerful like a lion, but silent like a mouse. The overall experience from opening the considered packaging to the end result feels comfortable and natural. The brand is female-owned and led which makes it all even better.

If you’re looking for a new toy, remember don’t throw your old one out in the bin as they are considered bio-waste and need to be disposed of properly. Go and get that O.


Claire N, co-editor of Sexpression magazine


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The Womanizer Pro40 is the first toy that I splurged on truly for the purpose of my own pleasure. Rather than the traditional vibe, it uses air, suction and magic to envelop the clit for ~revolutionary~ stimulation.

Highly recommend for all vulva owners and can be helpful for those who struggle to climax with a partner, too. There are heaps of different variations to the Pro40 and cheaper dupes with the same air-sucky-vacuum-but-more-sexy type principle. Begone $9 battery vibrators from Wish!


Laura Miano, sex therapist and FJ columnist 


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My favourite sex toy is the We-Vibe Chorus, a hands-free dual vibrating toy that targets the g-spot and clitoris at the same time. It can be used for solo sex but also for couple’s sex if you have a vulva/vulva or penis/vulva combination. It’s such a great toy because it can be used in so many different ways. Being hands-free and app-controlled is pretty game-changing!

You can pop it in while stretching, erotic dancing, or doing any other activity outside of sex that makes you feel sensual. During sex, when you’d usually be giving your partner all the pleasure, you can use the Chorus to still receive your own stimulation, it’s like a tech version of a 69 – so stunning.

I get sent so many toys in my line of work, but this one is hands down my all-time favourite!

Avril Lousie Clarke, sexologist and sex educator


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Like most vulva owners, I need clitoral stimulation to *get there*, whether it’s solo play or partnered play. So clitoral stimulators are my go-to sex toys. I am not one to push products, but I have to say this one is a regular for me these days.

Baci delivers two types of clitoral stimulation simultaneously. It creates a sensation of lips and tongue stroking and sucking, while a unique full-coverage design and smooth ridges provide rhythmic thrumming in the surrounding areas. The pressure builds gradually towards an orgasmic release.

Not only is it focused on clitoral stimulation by mimicking oral sex sensations, but it can also be used on all bodies, not just vulva owners, to help you explore new erogenous zones – whether you’re looking for a toy for partnered sex or you’re vibing solo. I loved the packaging too! There was no plastic used at all. Very sustainable and sexy.


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