BIPOC and LGBTQI+ writers, here’s your chance to be paid and mentored



Learn from the best.

As the Australian media industry continues to be beaten to a pulp, young aspiring writers and journalists have experienced a collective, industry-wide bout of anxiety. 

But all hope is not lost. Isabelle Truman and Grace O’Neill, best friends, magazine editors and hosts of the feminist news and pop culture podcast After Work Drinks have teamed up with established Australian journalists to help mentor aspiring and emerging writers. 

As the recent iteration of the Black Lives Matter movement has shown us, systemic racism pervades all aspects of minorities’ lives, from education, employment, social status to safety and beyond.

By focusing efforts on BIPOC and LGBTQI+ individuals, it helps to address the imbalance and afford these individuals access to opportunities that their cis-het and white peers come by much more easily.

Submissions are encouraged to span any genre and topic. “Everything from personal essays, profiles, think pieces and news stories on topics that you are passionate about, be it fashion, film, politics, the crush you have on a random celebrity, unrealistic beauty standards or racist immigration policies.” 

Writers are paid $200 per article. Try your luck and send your story ideas to submissions@afterworkdrinks.net

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