Maison Balzac has created a gelato-themed candle and I need one immediately

Words by Ella Bazzani-Hockley

Just like honey.

FYI, bees are the world’s most important pollinator, and if you’re eating anything that comes out of the earth today, which you probably are, you have the humble bee to thank.

Perhaps this explains the latest bee-centric collaboration between two big-name Sydney brands, gelateria Gelato Messina and perfume and candle brand Maison Balzac.

The two sensory superstars have created a set of scented candles, Miel d’Hiver (winter honey), Miel d’Ete (summer honey), as well as a new honey-flavoured gelato to match.

The collaboration comes after a year of product testing and tweaking and aims to elevate fragrance to taste and vice versa. According to Maison Balzac founder Elise Pioch, the cross-sensory phenomenon of synaesthesia was the inspiration.

Smell can be a sensory trigger, and the process of matching this experience to taste was a year-long labour of love, according to Pioch. “Every scent we make triggers another sense… to translate one of our candles to a gelato was a ‘pinch me’ moment,” she says.

The winter candle, Miel d’Hiver, features top notes of smoke, thyme and lemon and hints of frankincense, nutmeg and balsam.

Miel d’Ete, the summer candle, is a lighter blend of bergamot, hyacinth, jasmine and musk. The limited-edition gelato, Miel, features a citrus-infused honey gelato base, with top notes of burnt honey caramel.

The candles will be available for purchase online from Maison Balzac and in selected Messina stores from July 7. The Miel gelato is available in Messina stores from July 7 until sold out. 


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