Book review: Australian Beauty

Words by Leah White

Advice from the beauty set.

Australian Beauty shares the stories of the most influential players in the local industry. And at this, it does a great job. From beauty entrepreneurs to bloggers and makeup artists, it champions inspiring homegrown success stories and shares their expertise and insights.

Between the profiles, you’ll find tips on cleansing, men’s and women’s skincare and statement makeup. These sections, however, were quite basic and left me wanting more. As a book that would seemingly only appeal to true beauty aficionados, it fell short in this area – the tips appeared targeted towards the beauty novice.

If you don’t know who Heidi Hamoud, Eleanor Pendleton, Jo Horgan or Rae Morris are – you probably aren’t going to enjoy this book. If these are familiar names and you want to hear more about their beauty philosophies, Australian Beauty will deliver the goods.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 182. You can read it here.

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