Book review: Romance Was Born

Words by Leah White

Shedding a light on Australian fashion history.

Everyone knows that Romance Was Born’s designs are larger than life. So it’s only fitting the book by the same name should follow suit.

From fashion grads bold enough to decline an internship under Galliano during his time at Dior to international success, Romance Was Born documents the colourful story of one of Australia’s most influential fashion labels.

Featuring over 200 stunning photographs, the book is a visual treat, detailing the stories behind each collection, common themes of inspiration and exploring some of label’s best-known collaborations.

It also addresses the design duo’s connection to national identity and the role Australiana and visual iconography play in shaping each range.

A rare insight into RWB’s design processes and creative partnership, this hardback is a recommended read for lovers of Australian fashion history.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 179. You can read it here

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