Book review: My Thoughts Exactly

Words by Veronica Stanford

An honest read.

While I know that, technically, this is not a new release, it only landed on my radar recently.

This autobiography is a fascinating and brutally honest insight into Lily Allen’s life in the music industry – and the sexism, money and, often, sexual assault that comes with it.

She also explores her own personal struggles in great detail, from growing up with distant parents, to the death of her baby, substance abuse and breakdown of her marriage.

Interestingly, it’s not broken down chronologically, rather by topic – Sex, Fame, Mothers, Isolation, etc. She muses about her mistakes, regrets and successes, while calling out the pressure unfairly placed on women in the spotlight.

A lot of her life has been shockingly sad, but Lily’s honest and conversational tone doesn’t leave you feeling depressed, rather inspired by her self-awareness and ability to overcome her demons.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 187. You can read it here.

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