Book review: A Tree in the House

Words by Leah White

Plenty of useful tips.

If A Tree in the House doesn’t inspire you to get a bit creative with your flower arranging, I don’t know what will.

First up, it’s a very attractive book.

If you don’t get around to whipping up any of the floral arrangements, it’ll still look awesome on your coffee table.

The title walks you through flowers for every occasion, the basics of floristry and the special tools you need to make the perfect bouquet.

There’s even a section on how to arrange flowers and greenery on a coffin (if a DIY funeral arrangement is something you feel up to tackling).

But if you’re simply interested in making your home look pretty, there are plenty of useful tips inside too.

I’ve long struggled with the right flower-to-vase ratio and the best length to cut stems, however, Hickson’s practical advice has turned me into a confident (albeit novice) florist.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 188. You can read it here.

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