Book review: Fashion + Music

Exploring the intersection of two creative industries.

We all know fashion and music are intrinsically linked (ahem, Kylie’s gold hotpants). But just how deep does this intersection of creative industries run? Very, apparently.

Fashion + Music explores the interplay of these industries and their combined impact on pop culture. Which is huge, by the way.

The book follows the lesser-known fashion creatives whose work has shaped pop culture, telling their stories through images of the most prolific pop icons. Think everyone from Boy George and Sex Pistols to Cher and Rihanna.

It also considers these industries as both a socio- pop-cultural barometer and leader in exploration of identity, feminism, gender and sexuality.

Also, evidently, as a way to increase the sales of gold hotpants. 

This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 162You can read it here.

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