Book review: Fight Like a Girl

As accurate as it is powerful.

The first time I heard Clementine Ford’s name was during that Sunrise debacle. It was a modern David and Goliath story. An individual versus an influential national media outlet whose victim- blaming was the public articulation of a widely held belief. And she made a difference.

Clementine Ford changed public discourse – proof of the difference one voice can make. And with the release of Fight Like a Girl, Clementine Ford is seeking to raise many more voices.

Through an all-too relatable series of anecdotes, Ford carefully articulates the female experience in a way that is as accurate as it is powerful.

It’s a call to action but, more importantly, it’s a call to reason. A must read for all women. 

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 162. You can read it here.

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