Book Review: The Dangers of Truffle Hunting

Voluptuous. A book.

The cover of The Dangers of Truffle Hunting reads: “glamorous, voluptuous and bursting with passion.” 
Voluptuous. A book. This was going to be some trashy sh*t and I couldn’t wait.
While yes, it was certainly trashy, I was surprised to find some key moments of *depth* woven throughout. It’s kind of like the rom-com cocky guy who, in a moment of weakness, accidentally lets slip his nice-guy interior. That guy is insanely attractive. So is this book.
It has it all – lust, love, fame, wine, rich people, the whole shebang. It had me rooting for the protagonist and left me heart-warmed throughout.
No, it won’t make you look as intelligent as a Penguin Classics book cover might, but hey. It’s still a good beach read.
This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 164. You can read it here.
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