Book review: How Writing Works

She did a pretty great job.

Poor Roslyn Petelin.

I can only imagine the pressure she felt when writing a book on how writing works. And while I could sit here and nitpick her writing, I won’t. Because she did a pretty great job.

Consider this an exhaustive manual to writing, from reasoning, to tone, to how readers perceive words. It’s basically a holy bible of writing. Cons: with any key academic authoritative text, it’s a little dry.

However it’s easy to navigate and a good resource to keep on your desk at work. As Petelin puts it, there are people who are working writers and people who are writing workers. 

Unless your trade is in manual labour, you, my friend, are a writing worker. You’ll put this book to good use.


This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 164. You can read it here.

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