Chocoholics get excited: Caramel M&M’S have officially hit Australian shores

Words by Fashion Journal

Crispy and peanut move over, there’s a new flavour in town.

If you’re a true chocolate lover, you’ll know that Caramel M&M’S have been available in the US for 12 long months. And you’ve undoubtedly spent those excruciating 12 months praying that Australia will also be #blessed by the chocolate gods.

We’re happy to announce that after what seems like an eternity, M&M’S injected with a chewy caramel centre have officially hit Aussie shelves. It’s news which, in our opinion, renders all previous varieties inferior.

From today onwards, the new offering is available in a 45g single serve, or a larger 130g share pack (lol, has anyone actually ever shared one of these bad boys?).

“We’ve had numerous Australians reach out to us and ask when they’ll see the product hit stores, and we’re happy to announce that the wait is over,” said M&M’s marketing manager Cathy Knight of the release.

Chocolate coma incoming. 


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