Cotton candy grapes exist and all your childhood dreams have come true

Image via Jesmond Fruit Barn
Words by Tara Smith

The perfect union.

Our prayers have been answered, because someone has finally worked out a way to combine fruit with the flavour of sweet, sweet candy.

‘Cotton candy’ grapes are currently available in Coles and Woolworths, promising the aroma and taste of fairy floss. There’s no added sugar or flavouring involved, just sorcery.

According to ABC, Mildura-based grower Adrian Caia planted 50 acres of cotton candy grapes four years ago. He received the rights to grow the grapes locally after their huge success in America.

Apparently, the sweet taste is achieved by cross-breeding different grape varieties. Hopefully the next natural step is… cotton candy wine?

The new and improved grape won’t be around for long, so get it while you can and HURRY.

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