A huge pillow fight is about to go down in Melbourne and you’re all invited

Image via Pitch Perfect
Words by Stephanie Vigilante

All those years of sleepover practice are finally coming in handy.

We never expected a Pillow Fight Day to grace our calendars, but since it has, we’re ready.

Start practising those pillow swings because on Saturday April 7, Melbourne will host a massive pillow fight in a secret location yet to be announced.

Gone are the days of the haphazard pillow bash with a couple of your girlfriends, this event is open to the first 500 people to purchase tickets.

Tickets cover a goodie bag and a pillow, of course. A free after party invite is also included as well as the opportunity to participate in a charity raffle.

The pillow fight will start at 3pm but get down by 2.30pm to register.

Sign up for pre-release tickets here.


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