Where to buy those decorative candles you’re seeing all over Instagram



These waxy sculptures are mini works of art.

Somewhere between Melbourne’s first and second lockdown, my shopping habits shifted from browsing for clothes to homewares. After seeing one too many posts of the now-famous Lex Pott candles on Instagram, my arm was twisted (much like the candles themselves) and I quickly bought in on the trend.

Scented candles have long been a standard go-to gift for mums, aunties and friends alike, but a new trend has emerged where candles have become more like art sculptures, and less like air fresheners.

After a quick scroll through your feed, it’s easy to see how the decor staple is dominating social media at the moment. I’ve put my endless scrolling to good use and sourced a selection of some of the best decorative candles, where actually burning them is optional.

Manara Home


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Under the tagline “Making your home look good, and smell ever better”, local brand Manara Home does just that. Currently stocking its signature bubble cube design, a lightning bolt shape and a very cute clamshell, they come in a range of colours with scents to match. Using classic pairings like lime and coconut, sandalwood and patchouli or crème caramel, you can smell the delicious fragrance even without lighting it. All candles are handmade in Melbourne, using a sustainable soy wax-blend and come in eco-friendly packaging.


Piera Bochner


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Designed by the Brooklyn artist of the same name, these weird and wonderful creations were developed as part of a project that explores wax. They get their textured shapes from moulds of fresh produce like romanesco broccoli, bitter melon and starfruit. Almost phallic in their quirky natural forms, the website explains the candles serve as a “functional object” when lit, “as well as an ever-changing sculptural form”. Using a bright spectrum of colours, these candles are anything but boring. They are currently sold out, but you can normally shop them via the brand’s Australian stockist, Jolie Laide.


House of Aeros


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Taking the concept of candle art to a whole new level, House of Aeros creates wax replicas of some of history’s most iconic marble masterpieces. Michelangelo’s famous Renaissance sculpture of David and the ancient Greek statue Venus de Milo both find a new life as scented candles. These candle-sculpture hybrids are handmade in Melbourne and offer a chance to add a luxury piece of art to your own living room.




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This Danish boutique has amassed over 107,000 followers on Instagram thanks to its coveted Scandinavian aesthetic, made famous by the Midas touch of influencers like Matilda Djerf. But the brand also has its own exclusive range of homewares, including its popular swirled candlesticks. Luckily for us, it ships worldwide. A literal twist on a candle classic, they boast a burn time of about 12 hours. Coming in a range of delectable candy-coloured tones like raspberry, orange and peach, they look good enough to eat.


You, Me & Bones


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Equal parts creepy and cute, you might have spotted this brand’s signature melting baby doll head candles on social media, or recognise them from a number of its local stockists. Using hand-poured natural waxes and cotton wicks, You, Me & Bones offers a collection of quirky candle creations. Some expertly mimic the shapes of the human body like a skull, brain and heart while others – like a sushi candle, or a doll’s arm – are just plain fun.


Blazed Wax


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Melbourne-based candle brand Blazed Wax was created by two friends who handcraft each candle in their Brunswick studio. The striking sculptural pieces are made from 100 per cent unscented soy wax and come in your classic stick form (but in eyecatching colourways) and round, curved shapes, like the Dante and Cherry Bomb.


Lex Pott


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And of course, the candle which arguably set the explosive wax-shaped trend in motion. Created by the Rotterdam-based artist, the twisted silhouette has sold out time and time again within the last few months alone. It seems people just can’t get enough. Made in a variety of colours from pastel to neon, the intriguing wax structure is the perfect addition to any bedside table or bookshelf. Get your pre-orders in here.


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