Pom-Pom Easter Bunny Butt Ears

Eat your heart out while looking fab-u-lous.

There are so many delicious DIYs we could create with easter eggs and obviously, they are all great. But here at FJ, we like to look the part all the time. Consider this your egg-hunting, chocolate-eating, couch-sitting, bun-glazing attire for the long weekend.


– 2 x 22cm circumference faux fur rounds (we used blush coloured from Spotlight)
– 2 x 10cm Styrofoam balls
– Silver sewers’ pins
– 1 hot glue gun
– 1 packet glue sticks (for hot glue gun)


1. Heat up glue and begin lining the top of one of the Styrofoam balls, easing the fur over each slowly. The glue will dry quickly which is why you must work slowly
2. Using pins, secure any loose sections of the fur which hinder the ‘roundness’ of each ball
3. Repeat with the second ball
4. Dry thoroughly (to avoid glue in hair)
5. Measure two marks on the headband to place ‘ears’. Using lots of glue, secure each fur ball, allowing it to dry completely. Repeat with other ear.
6. Again, allow to dry completely
7. Rock up to the hunt looking fabulous

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