Recipe: Sugar and Spice

The weather is warming up, so impress your mates with this killer, zesty duo of chilli, lime and lychee spritzer and sticky, spicy popcorn.


For the spritzer:
2 limes
2 red chillies (seeds removed)
1 can tinned lychees
1 litre sparkling water
1 bunch mint
vodka (optional)
For the popcorn:
1 bag microwave popcorn or 3/4 cup loose
popcorn kernels
1 cup sugar
2 tbsp butter
sea salt
cayenne pepper or chilli powder
lime zest


To make the spritzer:
1. Slice limes. Squeeze juice from the end
pieces into a large jug.
2. Place a good handful of ice in the jug.
3. Add one sliced red chilli, mint leaves, sliced
limes and half of the lychee can juice.
4. Add ice and repeat above. Using a large
spoon or rolling pin, give the contents of
the jug a bash around to combine.
5. Add sparkling water and vodka.
6. Gently drop in 8-10 lychees and stir.
7. Top with mint and garnish jug with chilli
and lime.

To make the popcorn:
1. Pop the popcorn.
2. In a large saucepan add sugar and 1/4 cup
water. Place over a medium heat. DO NOT
3. Once caramel is golden brown add the
butter (caramel will foam up).
4. Place popcorn on a baking tray and drizzle
with caramel. Allow all popcorn to be
5. Wait for caramel to cool and harden then
sprinkle with zest and pepper/chilli powder.

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