The best guacamole you’ve ever made

Trust us on this one.

When life gets you down, just remember that if there’s an avo in the fruit bowl…all is going to be okay

1 red onion
Handful of parsley
2 perfectly ripe tomatoes
Juice of one JUICY lemon or two not so juicy
Pinch of Cumin
1 tbls quality olive oil
3 perfectly ripe avocados


1. SUPER finely dice red onion and chop parsley – add to bowl
2. Cut tomatoes in half, scoop out goopy membrane, dice, add to bowl
3. Add lemon juice, cumin, and olive oil
4. Halve avocados, remove pip, then crush out flesh with your hand, scoop out remaining. This will give the perfect ratio of chunky vs. smooth avocado
5. Mix all together, season WELL with salt and pepper. The more salt the better just quietly
6. Eat half the bowl (or the whole bowl) before your guests arrive. Alternatively just make for yourself.

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