Noah Centineo collaborated with IG photographer Sarah Bahbah

Images via Sarah Bahbah

*Double taps*.

If you’re not familiar with the name Sarah Bahbah, we’re betting you’ll still know her work. With 798k followers on Instagram, the Aussie photographer has been credited as the inspiration for Selena Gomez’ recent video and shot the likes of Dylan Sprouse.

Now, Bahbah has captured the internet’s attention once again, having turned her lens on everyone’s current male obsession: Noah Centineo.

Dubbed Dear Love, the new work continues Bahbah’s signature style of pairing emotive images with captions, putting the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before star in front of the camera.

Over the past four days, Bahbah has released 12 images, and we’re sure the internet is praying for more to come.

You can check out some of the highlights below.

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