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We’re looking for new writers.

Here at Fashion Journal, we’re surrounded by a brilliant network of writers and contributors who make this publication what it is. Our writers offer different perspectives, opinions and experiences that extend well beyond those of our editors, and ensure FJ stays a fashion magazine for people like you. 

As we continue to grow, Fashion Journal is on the lookout for new contributing writers to join our network. If you’re an avid reader of FJ, whether you’re an experienced journalist or just starting out in your career, we’re keen to hear from you.

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We’re ideally looking for regular contributors – these are the kinds of writers who can commit to filing regularly. This could be biweekly, weekly or fortnightly – we’re happy to work in with your schedule, as long as you meet your deadlines. We’re also open to more sporadic or one-off contributions, so don’t hold back. 

What we’re looking for 

To be the right fit you need to be an ideas machine. We want you bursting with questions you’d like to explore for our readers, keen to uncover insights that will challenge our readers’ perspectives or affirm their lived experiences. 

You need to know the Fashion Journal brand inside and out, and be able to seamlessly execute our tone of voice, striking the right balance between relatable and informative. 

You need to think critically, ask questions that others might not consider, offer insights we’ve not heard before, and dive beyond the surface to deeper storytelling. We don’t want a regurgitation of what’s already in the news cycle.

Dive deeper, and look for new perspectives around the issues underpinning these themes. We want stories with ‘meat’, substance, depth and complexity. You need to be willing to uncover stories that deserve to be told, and find a way to distil these for the rigours of digital media. 

You need to be skilled at framing stories for an online format. Ask, how can you position the reader so they’re incentivised to click through? We want to ensure all your hard work is read, and this is an important hurdle to jump through. 

You need to be tapped into Australia’s fashion industry. We want your eyes on the emerging talent rising through the ranks, and a robust knowledge of the creative fashion talent already well established in our industry. 

You need to be ready to critically consider the ethical impact of those in our industry. You need to know who’s making strides in sustainable fashion, and the sources to turn to for third party information  You need to be ready to approach industry experts, seek out primary sources, and to rigorously fact check your story prior to submission. 

Our values

Here at FJ we are: 

1. Real: We are real people behind the scenes, just like our readers. We don’t hold airs and graces, we speak to our flaws, seek opportunities for improvement and celebrate
our differences. We are a fashion authority, but without hierarchy. We encourage two-way conversation between ourselves and our readers.

2. Playful: We make jokes, play with convention, and have fun with our readers. Fashion and beauty should be joyful, an opportunity for self-expression and to explore your own identity. 

3. Supportive: We lift each other up, amplifying voices and spotlighting those who are doing great things in the world. We don’t shoot others down, acknowledging we are all learning and growing together.

4. Inclusive: We consider how our words affect all groups, and not just the women we typically see reflected in fashion media. We are conscious of generalisations and make all groups feel included in our conversations.

5. Curious: We don’t presume we know it all. We ask questions and actively reach out for perspectives other than our own. We offer insight, while acknowledging our perspective is not the whole picture.

6. Informative: Our role is to research and learn from others, so we can share new insights with our readers. We seek out stories of value to share only the best with Fashion Journal’s audience.

About Fashion Journal 

Since launching in 1991, Fashion Journal has gained a reputation as one of Australia’s leading independent fashion titles. But we’re more than a publication. We’re a growing community of Australian readers who want more from fashion media than a reiteration of trends and celebrity news.

We’re using our free print, digital and social platforms to connect readers across four pillars of fashion, music, beauty and life. Where our counterparts cover the news cycle, we offer personality, insights and different perspectives on the issues that underpin it. We champion emerging talent and highlight important voices.

And yes, sometimes we’ll write about butt cream, because our readers like to be across that too.

The next steps 

If this sounds like you, head here for more detailed advice on pitching to FJ, and then head here to submit your CV, writing samples and any story ideas you have swirling. We look forward to getting to know you better.   

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